Rise to the Occasion: Holly Baudier

by Fallon Lewis

Welcome to our new series where we style our favorite New Orleans fashion mavens to Rise to the Occasion! 

Now that Fashion Week has come and gone we get to reflect on all the fabulous events that took place!  We were so thrilled to have the fit, fashionable, and fabulous Holly Baudier to be our very first featured styling client. 


What 3 words would you use to describe your personal style?

-Classic, feminine, and simple.

What are your favorite features to highlight when dressing?

-I'm drawn to the more form fitting. I figure why not just go for it! I work hard for what I've got so that I can enjoy the food and culture of NoLa.

If you were trapped on an island and could only bring one item, what would it be?

-Definitely a bikini!

Who is your style inspiration?

-I love the classic style of 1st ladies. Jackie O for sure, I think it skipped a few presidents but Michelle Obama brought back 1st lady style.  I love classic feminine looks.

What is one fashion fad that you can't  do without, and one that you hope goes away soon?

-This is going to sound more harsh than I intend it to, but I am anti trends. Most people do it wrong. Right now I am not a fan of the huge black rimmed glasses, they are not made for everyone. If a style doesn't work for me I won't attempt to pull it off. I hope that a really beautifully tailored suit for a woman never goes out of style! A well constructed pants suit is my favorite.

Based off of Holly's answers, we came up with a few options for her to wear to Fashion Week New Orleans!

Look 1: Jarlo London blazer, Nymfête black tank with contrast braid, LNA red silk Alexa pants.

With this first look we were playing on her love of pants suits without being too literal. We all loved this look immediately but decided to try a few more options!

Look 2: Buxton Folly black dress with faux belt.

Holly works really hard to maintain her figure while never depriving herself of all the culinary wonder that New Orleans has to offer. This Buxton Folly dress shows off her hard work while still being modest and chic!

Look 3: 4.Collective herringbone dress with a Jess Leigh Jewels body chain.

This dress was the most reserved of the looks. Thank goodness that Jess was there to help us jazz it up with her body chain.

What we chose: Nymfête black tank with contrast braid, LNA red silk Alexa pants with the Jess Leigh Jewels body chain.

We were all in agreement that the red pants were a must! The tank added a casual yet sexy way for Holly to show off her guns! The look would not have been complete without the body chain. This look pulled together a classically chic feminine look but with a bit of an edge!


We wanted to be sure to encompass Holly's personal style while still pushing her slightly outside of her comfort zone.

The next step to this style session was makeup! Ingrid Butler of Lipscape was on hand to provide makeup for Holly! Ingrid created a subtle smokey eye and a bold red lip to compliment the outfit perfectly! The lip color shown is a custom shade called "Heat Wave" that Ingrid created for Dreamcar clothing- this shade will be available in the Fall.

Holly was such a great participant and we loved chatting with her while she was here! After we sent her on her way we didn't see the final look until that night at the show!

Do you have an event coming up? Contact us for a chance to be featured on Rise to the Occasion! xoxo

High on Life: Rise turns 1!

by Fallon Lewis

How do I describe the way I'm feeling as Rise turns 1?! This year has been a roller coaster of emotions. From sad to happy to anxious and elated; I would not trade any of it! Every emotion that I have felt this year was culminated in one night. Friday February 7th The Republic was gracious enough to help me host a celebratory bash to close out my 1st year.  


So many people helped me put this together. I collaborated with Shoe Box in Metairie to pair shoes with the looks I selected from the store.  Dry Bar Bleu was so amazing provided blowouts/styling for some of the models along with Amanda Theresa helping out to style a few of the looks as well! DBB was even kind enough to style my hair! The afternoon of the show was such a whirl wind, it was nice to sit in their chic atmosphere with a glass of bubbly (with blueberries of course!) I was getting nervous about the time running out but with all of the wonderful helpers, I had nothing to worry about!

I can't even begin to tell you how surprised I was when I saw the magic that Ingrid of LipScape worked on my face! I am usually a bare faced au natural kind of girl but Friday was definitely the occasion to make an exception! 

I was running around trying to make sure I told everyone hello and everything happened so quickly that I am glad Kadee B. Photography was there to capture so many great moments!

Jess Leigh of Jess Leigh Jewels was kind enough to let me play with some of her fabulous creations to adorn the models!

I am also grateful for the support of all my fabulous friends who were back stage helping me maintain order and my sanity! Kimi definitely kept things rolling and Mickey was there to line everyone up and cue the models to walk! I was somewhere on cloud 9 while all of this was taking place! 

A huge thank you to all everyone who came and joined me in celebration of this huge moment in my life! I am overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. I cannot wait to take this year by storm and do it all again! 



Rise in the kitchen: Garlic herb crusted pork chops!

by Fallon Lewis

Ok, so I'm not the most domestic person on the planet, but I have my moments! Being that both of my parents, along with pretty much everyone else in my extended family are all incredible cooks, some skills were bound to rub off.  After spending so much time indoors due to the New Orleans "snowpocolypse" I decided to get creative.  I started off by looking at what I had to work with. I knew I wanted to cook pork chops so of course I hit up pinterest. After looking at a few different pork chop recipes I decided to just go for it and make up a recipe as I went along!

Ingredients for the marinade:

  • Spicy brown mustard (I used French's)
  • Balsamic vinaigrette dressing (I used Newmans Own Lite)
  • Minced garlic (about 2 knife tips full...its what fit in the jar and I didn't really measure)
  • Tony Chachere's creole seasoning (sprinkle to your liking)
  • dried parsley
  • dried rosemary

Ingredients for the breading:

  • Garlic herb focaccia bread
  • Parmesan cheese (once again I didn't measure but I sprinkled heavily)
  • salt and pepper to your liking (for the twisty salt/pepper shakers I used 5 twists each)
  • 2 eggs (just to get the breading to stick to the pork)

I let the pork chops marinate in a zip lock bag for about 2 hours before cooking.

The most tedious part of this recipe is using the small side of a cheese grater to grate the focaccia bread (of course you can use pre made breadcrumbs but I was "snowed in" and decided to use what I had already at home)

Once I had enough crumbs for my 3 pork chops ( I guessed...) I added all the other dry ingredients and mixed it by hand. - cooking with my hands makes me feel like a kid again, have a little fun with it!

After I felt like the pork chops were marinated enough I dipped them in the eggs and made sure to thoroughly cover them in the bread crumb mixture.

I poured about a 3/8 inch of extra virgin olive oil in a skillet then pan fried the pork chops until they were a nice crispy golden brown

Because this was my first time cooking pork and I wanted to make sure it was cooked all the way through I then baked the pork chops for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  

They were so much better than I was expecting! I served them with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.  If you give it a try let me know how it comes out!! I hope you enjoy :-) xoxo


Sneaux Day!

by Fallon Lewis

New Orleans and its surrounding areas are getting much colder weather than I recall in years! The fashionista in me is loving it a little bit because it allows me to venture into the "winter" section of my closet.  While I may not have a puffy parka or actual snow boots, I do love the art of layering to keep warm.

Get the look head to toe: Hooded Cowl, Lululemon long sleeve, LNA Atlas Sweater, RES denim black skinny, Hue Knee socks, and my absolute favorite Chanel riding boots! (From SAKS but I couldn't find a link to my exact pair!)

Stay warm NOLA! xoxo